The Whispering Blade

the Whispering Blade is the name of the elite forces of the Haladúnë‘s Military. Led by Ioraen Stormheart, the group consists of six elite strike teams made up of the kingdom’s most powerful combat-oriented Semi spellusers and Pure Casters.

In historical times, The adventuring party that founded what is now the Kingdom of Haladúnë traveled under the banner and name, the Whispering Blade. The modern military unit is named in honor of the founding group, and still bears the heraldry and banner used by them.


Player characters affiliated with the military that get accepted to train with the Whispering Blade gain access to the Essence Spell List, Combat Links for that level.

History of the Whispering Blade

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Founding Members

The Whispering Blade

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