The Kingdom of Haladúnë is a small kingdom situated in the southeast mountains, along the coast of Middle Earth. The kingdom has known a great peace that has lasted throughout the Third Age, but recent uphevals, the waking of a Leviathan along the coast, and a rising Darkness in the northwest threaten to shatter the longstanding tranquility of this kingdom. The King has sent out a call to those of adventurous spirit, seeking those willing to face dangers in order to protect their homes. The question now becomes, who will answer?

This campaign is a RMSS Game set in the far, unexplored lands of Middle Earth during the Third Age. The Lord of the Rings books are not canon to this game, but the general world stands in much the same manner as described by Tolkien in his trilogy. At the point of game start, however, the players will all be from the Kingdom of Haladúnë, and have had no exposure or personal experience with the lands or kingdoms described by Tolkien’s works.

A Noddish Sonata

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